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mudelvu1lakitudViking Windows supplied in Ireland manufacture both outward and inward opening traditional entrance doors, patio and balcony doors. The Doors are made of solid timber profiles. Double glazing or insulated panels are used as infills. U Value Thermal transmittance Uw = 1.4 W/m2K.

It is possible to manufacture single or double leaf doors. With surface Finishs selections such as RAL, NCS (paint) or Vikings (lacquer) tone catalog by customer's choice preference. Available as aluminium clad doors too.

Locking system supplied by Swedish lock manufacturers ASSA: hinges and three-point locking espagnolette. Patio and balcony doors have more simple locking systems.

Range of Door Designs to Choose from:

Illustrations below present the most popular door designs manufactured by Viking Windows:

NB! Pictures are merely illustrations. Actual products (look, proportions, number of grooves etc) may differ due the materials used, product dimensions etc

2k-VU1-1706 2k-VU2-1706 2k-VU3-1706 2k-VU4-1706
VU-1 VU-2 VU-3 VU-4
 2k-VU5-1706  2k-VU6-1706  2k-VU7-1706  2k-VU8-1706
VU-5 VU-6 VU-7 VU-8
 2k-VU9-1706  2k-VU10-1706  2k-VU11-1706  2k-VU12-1706
VU-9 VU-10 VU-11 VU-12
 2k-VU13-1706  2k-VU14-1706  2k-VU15-1706  2k-VU16-1706
VU-13 VU-14 VU-15 VU-16
 2k-VU18-1706  2k-VU19-1706    
VU-18  VU-19    


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