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010 SP0148 punaneViking Window's energy efficient and modern panel door is manufactured of integral insulated door leaf. Rigid XPS plate is used as insulation and triple glazing as infill. Thin aluminium layer serves moisture protection purposes. Thermal trnasmittance Uw = 1.0 W/m2K.

A panel door can be either outward or inward opening entrance door or patio or balcony door. Doors frame is made of solid wood profiles. It is possible to manufacture single or double leaf doors. Finishing according RAL, NCS (paint) or Vikings (lacquer) tone catalog by customer's choice preference. 


Click on the picture to see the color choices (NB! pictures below have illustrative meaning only):

027 SP blank punane 001 GIVE punane 024 SP0006 punane 002 SP0017 punane
Blank Give SP0006 SP0017
003 SP0047 2 punane 026 SP0080 punane 004 SP0111 punane 005 SP0112 punane
SP0047_2 SP0380 SP0111 SP0112
006 SP0113 punane 008 SP0114 punane 007 SP0116 punane 009 SP0134 punane
SP0113 SP0114 SP0116 SP0134
010 SP0148 punane 011 SP0160 1 punane 012 SP0171 punane 013 SP0172 punane
SP0148 SP0160_1 SP0171 SP0172
014 SP0177 punane 025 SP0184 punane 015 SP0186 punane 016 SP0274 punane
SP0177 SP0184 SP0186 SP0274
022 SP0283 punane 023 SP0311 punane 017 SP0331 punane 019 SP0336 punane
SP0283 SP0311 SP0331 SP0336
018 SP0337 punane 020 SP0340 punane 021 SP0342 punane  
SP0337 SP0340 SP0342  


NB! pictures have illustrative meaning only; contact our sales departement for more information!